FAT ESS - FULL SET (3 stickers)

FAT ESS - FULL SET (3 stickers)


Limited run of fifty (50) numbered pieces

Series 3 is a short run comprised of iconic objects of play. To honor the countless hours spent playing with these totems, the artists at STICCY©© have poured in additional time and care to ensure that each detail lovingly etched into these designs is not necessarily historically correct, but emotionally approximate. It is this acknowledgment of the liquidity of reality that melts down the very rigidity of spacetime and is what makes STICCY©© truly sticky.

2 glossy coated vinyl stickers & 1 transparent sticker, multiple sizes:

I’ve played a lot of eight ball: 3.9” x 3.6”

I’ve played a lot of game boy: 2” x 3.9”

I’ve played a lot of mix tapes: 4” x 4”

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